Policies & Annual Report

What is the School Council?

School Council is the legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of a school. It is the major governing body of the school that, within DET guidelines, decides the future directions for the school and oversees the school’s operation. At Drouin West Primary School, we have an active and enthusiastic School Council that typically meets every third Tuesday of the month.

More information on joining or participating in a school council can be found here. 

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Adminstration of Medication




Bullying Prevention

Camps and Excursions 

Child Safe Policy

Child Safe Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures (includes Mandatory Reporting


Curriculum Framework

Democratic Principles

Duty of Care

Digital Technologies

Equal Opportunity (includes discrimination and harassment)

First Aid (including arrangements for ill students)

Health Care Needs


Inclusion and Diversity

Mobile Phones

Parent Payments

Personal Property

Photographing, Filming and Recording Students

DET Privacy Policy

Statement of Values and School Philosophy

Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Sunsmart Policy


Visitors to School